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Behaviorally, the intersexes appear to act in a manor consistant with that of a normal male pig. These pigs frequently show periods of frustrated aggressiveness that may come as a result of boredom (as they are often isolated from other animals for safekeeping) or the physical inability to release sexual tensions. Local villagers say that the Naravé, when encountered in the wild, is a much more aggressive and stronger adversary than its normal (male) wild, feral or domestic counterparts. Johnston(20) commented on one male-pseudohermaphrodite in his study, "It was observed exhibiting male behavior .... It would ride gilts in heat and a penis-like organ would protrude from the vulva. In addition to the sex behavior, the pig was aggressive and would attempt to bite humans". ("Pseudohermaphrodites have the gonads of one sex but the external genitalia and secondary characters of the other, i.e. a male - pseudohermaphrodite has testes but possesses a female genotype)(6).